About us

Here at LetMePaddle, we are obsessed with adventure. Which has embarked us on a quest to find the best adventure equipment out there. The variety of adventure equipment available on the market is truly astonishing and at first we were simply overwhelmed by it. But over the years, we have tried and tested the best out there. And now, we’d like to use that experience and knowledge to help you make a good decision when it comes to buying adventure equipment.

Adventure is a hobby you might end putting a lot of money in, so it’s a good idea to research and find what’s good and what’s not. Not only are we reviewing products, but we’ll also be looking at how you can enjoy these hobbies to its maximum extent. We’ll be looking at accessories, locations and much more to enable you to take the right decision.

LetMePaddle Editor’s Note:

I worked in the investor relations department of a large bank a few years ago. My work was important but I soon discovered that I could avail work online that would allow me to work from my laptop from anywhere in the world. That’s when I started to pursue outdoor activities.

I generally like anything that involves the outdoors. Cycling, hiking and paddling are my favorite ways of staying fit while enjoying nature. I am looking into getting into scuba diving, and see that becoming an obsession since I love undersea life!