Best Surfboards Beginners

best surfboards beginners

Surfing is a great sport for water lovers which promotes a healthy and active lifestyle. If you’ve already taken the plunge and are now finding yourself hooked on surfing, we’re here to help. When surfing for the first time, you probably used a surfboard that you rented or borrowed from a friend to just try out what the fuss is all about. But if you like surfing, it’s time for you to get your own beginner surfboard. Our guide here will check out the best surfboards beginners should have on their shopping list.

Beginner Surfboards Reviews 2018 (Updated)

We have listed down a select range of the best surfboards for beginners available today. These surfboards have been picked by experts who looked at the available options and picked the ones most suitable for starters.

  1. Verve by Gold Coast Surfboards
  2. Wavestorm 8
  3. Ruccus by Gold Coast Surfboards
  4. Surftech 10
  5. Body Glove 7
  6. Heritage 8’8

Editor’s Top 3 Beginner Surfboard Picks

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Verve by Gold Coast Surfboards

Expert rating: 10/10

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Heritage 8’8

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1.      Verve by Gold Coast Surfboards – Best Surfboard for Beginner


the verve - best beginner surfboard

The Verve is an entry level surfboard by Gold Coast Surfboards designed for riders weighing up to 230 pounds. This surfboard measures 8’ and should prove to be an ideal surfboard for new riders. What’s more, the Verve is made out of a foam construction so it’s quite light and can be carried easily by an adult. Not only that, but the high quality construction also ensures that this surfboard is more durable than your average soft-top surfboard.

This 8’ surfboard is made through a very high standard manufacturing process. It goes through a vacuum sealed strengthening process, which guarantees rigidity and perfect density for ultimate performance and durability. The bottom deck of the Verve features a double-concave shape which is built to withstand impact by distributing it even across the board.

The Verve is quite suitable for starters but that does not mean it lacks in performance. Riders who have a little more experience under their belt will equally enjoy the performance on offer from this entry-level surfboard. Really, the only entry-level aspect of this top surfboard is its affordable price. Some novice-friendly features include the rounded rubber tail which aids in stability while surfing. There’s also a leash included within your purchase so that you won’t lose the surfboard in case you fall while surfing.

There’s also a nose rocker which keeps the surfboard from diving into the water should things get a little hairy. It is advertised as being the perfect surfboard for all levels. However, we’d recommend it for beginner to intermediate level users who want a balance of performance and stability. All of these qualities make it the best newbie-friendly surfboard available today.


  • Durable foam construction which is light weight and easy to carry
  • A reasonable weight capacity of 230 lbs, perfect for adults!
  • Included increases are a 8’ Rishu surfboard leash and a complete surfboard screw-in fin set
  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Easy to learn on for new riders


  • Tricky to board on

2.      Heritage 8’8

heritage - best surfboard for beginner

The Heritage 8’8 is a longboard surfboard which is meant to be used by all types of surfers; from novice to experienced users. Its included accessory package makes it a very enticing buy as well. The unique 8’8 length provides a balance between stability and maneuverability that is missing in shorter surfboards. Despite its larger size, its shape allows it to paddle and catch waves quickly and easily.

The Heritage surfboard also features a high quality construction which makes it a very durable surfboard. The board is made through a mold and vacuum sealed strengthening process which promotes rigidity in the core which reduces flex in the overall construction. The Heritage also has a double concave bottom deck which has cross-hatch threading, allowing it to absorb direct impacts which it then dissipates across the board evenly.

The payload capacity of this surfboard is also quite impressive, being able to handle adults up to 270 pounds easily. For learners this surfboard will prove to be a good investment as it paddles easily so isn’t as hard on the body. However, experienced riders will also enjoy it as it has quick turning and catches the waves easily. This is one of the best beginner surfboards because it should provide an excellent return on investment because of its versatile nature. This is a surfboard that starters will use for a long time.


  • Larger than most beginner surfboards
  • Impressive payload capacity of 270 pounds
  • High quality durable construction
  • Sharp looks
  • Good performance in water
  • Easy to paddle


  • Expensive

3.      Body Glove 7

body glove 7 - best surfboards beginners

The Body Glove 7 is a high quality and durable surfboard that’s perfect for beginners and experienced users thanks to its shorter length. For novice riders it provides the required stability and balance in water that is crucial for learning the basics of surfing. The top surface of the board is textured to aid in traction, something starters and experienced riders both appreciate.

The Body Glove 7 is very light weight and thus easy to carry around. Its small length makes it quite portable as it won’t take as much space as a longer surfboard. The surfboard is made with learners in mind so experienced riders should look for other options as this won’t be fast enough. For most beginning riders however, the paddling experience on this surfboard is quite easy and won’t tire the body easily. This 7 foot board can handle weight of up to 200 pounds.

The performance in water of this board is quite reasonable. It paddles quickly and has a very good glide. It is able to catch waves quickly and builds its momentum well. The construction of this board is also quite rigid and it won’t flex when you stand up during surfing. That lends to additional stability and inspires confidence. The bottom of the board is long flat plane with a rocker to prevent nose-diving in rough water conditions. The flat bottom makes it slow to turn but that’s what makes it such a good choice for novice riders. All in all, this is a very affordable and high quality option for someone who’s just starting out and certainly one of the best surfboard for beginner.


  • 7 foot length is perfect for beginners
  • High quality constructions
  • Stable and balanced riding manners
  • Quick to paddle and easy to catch waves with
  • Easy to carry around
  • Portable


  • Not for experienced riders
  • Low quality accessories

4.      Wavestorm 8

wavestorm - best surfboard for beginner

This is one of the most popular surfboards in the United States. Its pain draw is its light weight construction and beginner-friendly riding characteristics. The Wavestorm 8 features a soft foam core which aids in its ability to be carried easily without putting a strain on the body. The foam construction might be light weight but fragile it is not. The build quality is quite durable and shows that this surfboard can withstand some abuse which is normal when in use by a new rider. This is one of the best surfboards beginners are advised to check out.

The Wavestorm features a strong EPS core body which also has the water-resilient Water Barrier Skin technology so that the foam construction does not get affected by the obvious wet environments this surfboard will be exposed to. The bottom of this surfboard features a HDPE slick bottom which is meant to provide stiffness and rigidity to the board so that it maintains its shape while you’re surfing in some wild waves.

The top of the surfboard is textured to provide you good levels of traction while you’re surfing. The popularity of this surfboard also shows in its easy handling. It is very stable in water and should be a good platform for riders who are just starting out. Due to its affordable price it won’t break the bank and will make surfing for starters even more accessible. Riders who have a bit of experience will also find this board to be quite good at water performance.


  • Light weight and easy to carry
  • 8’ length is perfect for beginners providing good balance and stability
  • Solid construction for years of use
  • Textured top to aid traction


  • None

5.      Ruccus by Gold Coast Surfboards

ruccus - beginner surfboard

The Ruccus measures only 7’ in length, making it the ideal surfboard for beginners. Its shorter length means it is incredibly easy to handle in water while providing a perfect platform to learn on. This surfboard is the product of painstaking testing to find out the best length for starters to learn on.

The Ruccus is a foam surfboard and that makes it very light, light enough to be carried by just about anyone who can surf! It also features a very high quality durable construction. Like all Gold Coast Surfboards, it is made through a mold and vacuum sealed strengthening process to ensure even density across the surfboard for the optimum balance in water. It features a double concave bottom which has the ability to distribute forces of impact evenly across the surfboard for stability and impact protection.

Despite its light weight and relatively shorter length, it’s still able to accommodate riders weighing up to 220 pounds. Due to this user-friendly nature, it’s suitable for a wide range of users. The board is also very buoyant and easy for even kids to paddle around. This user-friendly nature should not be confused with a compromised surfing experience because the Ruccus shows impressive surfing performance as well.

We would even recommend parents to buy this surfboard for their kids to learn on as it’s incredibly stable and easy to carry around. This is truly a versatile and one of the best beginner surfboard.


  • Small length at just 7 feet
  • Easy to manage for beginners including kids
  • Light weight and easy to carry
  • Affordable
  • High carry capacity of 220 pounds
  • Durable construction


  • None

6.      Surftech 10

surftech 10 - best longboard surfboard

The Surftech 10 is the perfect surfboard for beginner riders who want to invest in a surfboard that is easy to learn on but will also be sufficient once they’ve honed their surfing skills. The 10 feet length is not the ideal length for absolute novices but for someone who’s had a few lessons it shouldn’t be an especially daunting surfboard. What makes it great is that it can be “grown into”.

The board is 3.5 inches thick which gives it a perfect balance of speed, maneuverability and stability which is required by most novice surfers. It can easily support riders up to 250 pounds which makes it ideal for larger adults as well. The Surftech 10 features high quality durable construction that should stand the test of time. The accessories included with this purchase are a leash and removable soft fins.

The Surftech 10 is one of the best surfboard for beginner riders which is sure to satisfy more experienced users as well. Highly recommended as a starter surfboard for someone who wants to enjoy a more relaxed surfing style.


  • 10’ length, making it suitable for beginners and experienced riders who want a calm ride
  • High quality, durable construction
  • Good payload capacity


  • Relatively expensive

Surfboard Beginner’s Guide

best surfboards for beginners

If you’re passionate about surfing you’ll always remember your first surfboard. And that is why you never want your first surfboard to be something you end up hating and leaving surfing for! So take your time in picking the surfboard that will suit your requirements best and will pave the way to a great surfing lifestyle for you. Before picking the best surfboards beginners should look for certain factors that will surely affect how easy the surfboard will prove for them to learn on.

When beginning with surfing, you should get a surfboard that has some beginner-friendly characteristics. The first thing to consider when choosing a surfboard as a starter is to take weight and volume of the surfboard into account. We also recommend novice surfboard riders to check out some surf survival tips to learn about safety while surfing.

Buoyancy in water is directly related to amount of volume water has to displace. As such, a beginner surfboard has good buoyancy due to its higher volume. A better buoyancy will allow the surfer to make mistakes as the surfboard will be more inclined to stay above the water despite the surfer’s errors.

Novice riders should try to get soft top surfboards that will help them catch as many waves as possible in the earlier white water stages. Beginner surfers will need to paddle faster and pop up quickly on stable boards.

Something to also consider while buying your first surfboard is durability and reliability. Just because it’s your first surfboard doesn’t mean it’s going to be quickly replaced by a more advanced model. Surfing takes time to learn and your surfboard is likely to remain with you for a long time. For this, you need a surfboard that will actually stand the test of time and will give you a good return on your investment.

A good quality foam surfboard is both highly durable and very affordable. These surfboards are available from 6’ to 8’ in size. An average adult should consider getting an 8’ board as these have a higher carrying capacity. For a child, a 6’ board is ideal since it is easier to paddle.

Beginner surfboards should also be affordable so the sport doesn’t appear to be financially intimidating for those who are just starting out.

Choose your experience level: Beginner, Intermediate or Expert

  • Beginner: A beginner surfboard rider has never tried surfing. At the most, they’ve paddled a borrowed surfboard into the water and that’s it. A novice has very likely not learned to even stand on the surfboard, let alone surf the waves on it. If you’re a beginner, you should look to buy a surfboard that will prove to be helpful in the learning process by helping you gain confidence. The volume and dimensions of a surfboard play directly into how a surfboard behaves in water. A beginner surfboard is longer, which makes it much more stable. Long boards are the perfect example of this as they’re longer, wider and catch waves much more easily. A short board has its own advantages for novices but you’ve got to learn the ropes first to actually transition from a long board to a short board. If you choose a short board as a starters, it’s always going to be a struggle and will make the process much harder than it ought to be. So learn the basics on a long board, and once you feel confident enough, you can easily jump onto a short board.
  • Intermediate: An intermediate surfboard user has gained confidence while surfing by riding and catching the waves. After the learning process, they now want to look at the options available in surfboards that will help them be faster in the water. If you’re into the shredding aspect of surfing, consider choosing a mini-long or a short board to help you achieve your goals. If that’s too intimidating, the funshape can also prove to be effective at shredding without the nervousness that is associated with shortboards.
  • Expert: Every option will be a good option for the advanced surfer. If you’ve truly mastered the waves, we’re not here to tell you what to do!

Weight Considerations

Always check the weight capacity of the surfboard you’re going to purchase because this will have a huge effect on the experience you get from it. If you’re a lighter person weighing under 200 pounds, then smaller boards will be much easier for you to paddle and maneuver. If you’re above 200 pounds, consider getting a long board with a good thickness. If you’re ensure on what to get, just go for a longer board as they’re generally easier to surf on.

Wave Types You’ll Be Surfing On

All of us want to catch biggest waves on their surfboards, but are often limited by ability. The types of waves you’ll be catching on your surfboards should affect the type of surfboard you choose. If you’re going after shorter and slower waves, go for a longboard. If you’re trying to go for the steeper waves, a short board will be the better option as they’re more suited to the geometry of the wave.

Your Fitness Level

Surfing is a very fitness-dependent activity. You’ll need to balance yourself on the board as well as paddle it. If you’re someone who has a long history of skateboarding, wakeboarding, paddling or snowboarding, you’ll have no trouble jumping on to a surfboard and chasing the waves. However, if you don’t have any prior boarding experience, you’ll have a harder time getting to grips with the sport. To make that easier, go with a longer board as they’re easier to manage, more buoyant and have greater stability than short boards. If you have some boarding experience, consider getting a funshape or fish as they might suit you better.

However, fitness is not the tell-all of how well you’ll be able to surf. Surfing is a sport that requires dedication that can span easily into months of daily training. Even after that you won’t be catching the highest waves. So persistence along with fitness is key to getting good at surfboarding. Gbood fitness will allow you to take full advantage of a beginner surfboard.

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